• Lightning Fast Executions

    Our stock trading software features direct access software (DAS) technology. Send orders instantly, view real-time market data and more.

  • Extensive Short-List

    We offer over 10,000+ Symbols to short daily which makes us one of the best stock brokers for buying and selling.

  • Low Trade Rates

    Super low rates, no hidden fees. 

  • Customer Support

  • 6:1 Leverage

    Get 6:1 intra-day & 2:1 overnight leverage on marginable securities above $3 with a $500 account minimum.

  • Extended Hours​

    Pre & post market trading allows investors to act quickly to news and events that occur when the regular market is closed. Pre-market hours are 8:00am – 9:30am EST., and post market hours are 4:00pm – 6:00pm EST.

  • Powerful Trading Tools​​

    Take advantage of advanced order types and multiple charting features, including technical indicators and more.


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